Dear Customers,

We have had to permanently close Piccadilly Restaurant due to various reasons.  We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last 4 years especially our loyal customers.

Welcome to Piccadilly Restaurant

The saying in the UK is that ‘if you go to the sea, you buy fish & chips’ because it tastes so much better. After years of travelling to Niagara falls we always found that it was difficult to find incredible fish & chips. As a family, we fantasized of the idea of opening up a fish and chips restaurant in Niagara falls and on the 5th May 2015, that dream became a reality!

With over 30 years experience serving Fish & Chips in England, we are very proud to bring what we know and love to Niagara Falls. By using a Custom Built Fryer imported from the UK, chemical free fish, a family recipe for our batter which has been perfected over 40 years, freshly preparing our potatoes by cutting and peeling daily and importing many of our ingredients from the UK, we produce fish and chips which is as good as anywhere you would find in the uk!

Please Note:

All of our food is freshly made when you order, please be patient with us especially at busy times.

We value all our new/ returning customers and we do not charge tourist destination tax.